Tandem skydiving 4000 m + handy cam video

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  1. 从我们的官网上预订您的双人跳伞体验
  2. 我们的专车会在约定的时间从Vodičkova街15号的麦当劳门前出发前往跳伞基地所在机场。路途耗时约40-45分钟。我们诚恳的希望您提前10分钟到达集合地点
  3. 到达机场后,我们会在休息区(manifest)收集您的注册单,并说明整个过程-所有信息您都可以在我们的信息屏幕上找到
  4. 在登上跳伞飞机前,我们会给您进行讲解以及跳伞知识的相关培训。讲解大约需要15分钟,我们的教练会讲解双人跳伞所需要的一切安全常识,以及在跳伞过程中需要配合教练完成的动作。
  5. 培训结束后我们将为您提供专业跳伞装备和专业跳伞服。您的个人物品可以存放在更衣室的安全储物柜里。
  6. 是时间上飞机了。您的双人跳伞教练会全程陪伴着您。您的教练会坐在您的旁边,大家一起享受这15分钟舒适的飞行时间,在这段时间里面飞机会爬升至13500英尺。
  7. 在出机舱前您的教练会提前做好一切安全准备和检查程序-包括固定安全带等。到达13500英尺的高度后教练会和您一起跃出机舱。
  8. 跃出机舱后,开始约60秒的自由下落过程。这是跳伞运动最刺激的时刻,千万不要闭眼,尽情享受速度的激情吧!急速下落后教练会打开双人降落伞。
  9. 乘着双人降落伞,经过5--7分钟的御风飞翔之后,在教练的操控下,在预定区域安全着陆。尽情享受全程,您的教练会操作所有程序。
  10. 在降落后我们会帮您换下跳伞服。您会在休息区(manifest)得到特别的双人跳伞纪念T恤和跳伞体验证书这时也是结算的时候了,我们接受现金(捷克克朗,欧元)或者信用卡支付。如果您选择信用卡支付,我们会以捷克克朗结算。
  11. 休息片刻,我们的专车将送您返回布拉格市中心整个跳伞旅程约4个小时包括往返路程
  12. 我们专业的摄影师会为您拍摄跳伞过程. 您会在跳伞后三十分钟内收到可以下载视频和照片的链接。在欧洲我们的速度是最快的!


​What is the whole procedure like?

  1. Book your tandem skydive with us online on this website.
  2. Our minivan will come to the departure place Vodičkova street 15 at McDonald. at the agreed time to take you to our airport, the drive takes approximately 40 – 45 minutes. We kindly ask you to be ready 10 minutes before the confirmed time of travelling. 
  3. After arriving to the airport, in the main office (called manifest), we collect your registration forms and give you all instructions - all info you can see in our information screen.
  4. You come for your briefing and short training before the jump at agreed time. The briefing takes approximately 15 minutes and our instructors will explain you all you need for your tandem skydive with the help of a short video movie. Instructors will also practise the exit position with you.

    Now you also change your clothes and we give you the jump suit. Your belongings you can put to the safety lockers placed in this room.
  5. Now it is time to go to the plane. Your tandem instructor accompany you. Seat yourself comfortably next to your tandem instructor and enjoy 15 minutes climbing on board of our comfortable aicraft to 13.500 ft.
  6. In altitude of 13.500 ft its time to exit the plane.  Your instructor starts a while ago with preparing you to jump – tightens your harness, makes all check procedures.
  7. After jumping out of the plane  enjoy almost 60 seconds freedom of freefalling before your instructor opens the parachute.
  8. Enjoy 5 -7 minutes flying under the open parachute and afterwards safe landing. Just enjoy all, your instructor will take care of all himself.
  9. After the jump we help you to take out the jump suit, you get your certificate in manifest. Now it is also time to pay for your jump. We accept cash (CZK, EUR) and all kind of credit cards. If payment with credit cards, we charge amount in CZK.
  10. In approximately 30 minutes after the jump you recieve your video and photos in case you booked it.
  11. Now you can go back to Prague city centre with our minivan. All the trip including transfers takes approximately 4 hrs.
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