Tandem skydiving 15.000 ft + full HD video + photos

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We skydive daily March -  November!
Experience freefalling from 15.000 ft / 4.200 m and try driving the parachute yourself! Fair and best prices in Europe!
Movie and photos are made by one of our excellent videoman. You´ll recieve a link to download  your movie and photos files within 30 minutes after your jump - we are the fastest ones!

 Book your tandem skydive with us online on this website.

2. Our minivan will come to the departure place Vodičkova street 15 at McDonald. at the agreed time to take you to our airport, the drive takes approximately 40 – 45 minutes. We kindly ask you to be ready 10 minutes before the confirmed time of travelling.

3. After enjoying your skydiving, you proceed with the payment. We accept CZK and EUR in cash and credit cards. If payment with credit cards, we charge amount in CZK.

4. In about 30 minutes after your jump you´ll recieve a link to download your movie and photos files

5.  Now you can go back to Prague city centre with our minivan. All the trip including transfers to / from Prague city centre takes approximately 4 hrs.

6 400 CZK

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