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What are we jumping?
FORMATION SKYDIVING (FS) - you can jump with your friends or arrange with our coaches for jumps 101-401
FREE FLY - we do coaching and training camps. If you want to jump alone or with friends and have the experience and knowledge, come anytime and do as many jumps as you want. If you want a coach, you need to make arrangements in advance.
TRACK / ATMO - this is actually an offshoot of FREE FLY and so what we write about FREE FLY applies equally to jumps in track.
WINGSUIT (WS) - All wingsuiters are welcome. Because safety is our first priority, we want only those with experience to jump with us and those who are starting or would like to start must take a \\\"FIRST FLIGHT COURSE\\\" with us under the supervision of an experienced WS instructor.
CANOPY PILOTING (CP) - if you are interested in taking a paragliding course, we have all the courses booked for 2022, but you can sign up now for 2023. We do courses in three categories. 1. beginners 2. intermediate - intermediate 3. PRO
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