Tandem skydiving Enjoy freefalling in very safe way and experience driving the parachute yourself! 14.000 ft / 4.000 m altitude

What is the procedure like? Very easy! :)
AFF courses We are an accredited skydiving school. We have international licenses and USPA licenses. We organize IFF courses - duration 2 days and AFF courses - duration 4-5 days. This is the most modern form of parachuting training. All jumps are performed from 4000m height with personal accompaniment of 2 instructors. Licenced Skydivers * Funjumps * Coaching * Equipment rental * Jump ticket price * Training courses * Manifest screens * Calendar * Safety and documents for skydivers * E-shop Other services Sightseeing flights, test pilot, flight school, aerotaxi, aircraft maintenance, aircraft operation, CAMO, fuel management
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