FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How long does the trip take?

The whole skydiving tour takes max. 4 hrs including transfers.

Can I take someone with me for skydiving?

We are very sorry, but unfortunately it is not possible to take any accompanying persons into our shuttle car. The shuttles cars are designated only for skydiving persons. Thanks for your kind understanding.

How do I reach the meeting and departure point?

Our meeting and departure point is Vodickova street 15 at McDonalds. You can find the map easily in our website or put "Vodickova 15, Prague" into Google Maps. "Vodickova" is a station of various types of trams and also easily accesible by metro C or A (station Mustek or Muzeum).
In case you have problem to find this place, please call our emergency phone number +420 774 518 232.

Can I use my own GoPro camera for my jump?

We are very sorry, but this is unfortunately not possible. This is a rule valid worldwide for any operators of tandem skydives in the world. It is a rule for your own safety, which is most important to us. Our experiences cameramen will be more than happy to make a movie and photos from your jump for you. Thank you for your kind understanding.

I wear prescription glasses, can I jump?

Yes, sure. We will provide you special "glasses over glasses" for your skydiving. Btw. contact lenses are no problem also: :)

I am handicapped, can I skydive?

We have very large experience skydiving with handicapped clinets. However, in case you are handicapped, please kindly contact us via info@skycentrum.cz or at +420 724 002 001. Our chief instructor will discuss your handicap with you and ask some questions to decide whether skydiving is suitable for your or not.

Is there any weight limit for skydiving?

We are the only company in the Czech republic skydiving with clients up to 110 kg weight and without any supplement.

Are you insured?

Of course we are insured. The insurance certificate for season 2022 you can find HERE.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable sportswear and especially shoes which cannot fall down from your feet. :) You´ll recieve a jump suit and all necessary equipment from us for your tandem jump.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, sure, it is possible to pay with debit / credit card. But please be aware of the fact, that we charge amount in CZK because the local currency is CZK.

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